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Collaboration, Innovation and 20% Reduction of AFE Budgets.
Everything is achievable when you set your mind to the task.

FLCI Services

Successful Projects

Project Management - Optimized Courage

FLCI wants the pressures and stresses of performing your company’s project management responsibilities.  We are not concerned with generating multiple reasons as to why something did not occur.  Rather, we focus on the One Reason for taking the correct action to resolve an issue while acknowledging a potential negative impact.  We want to make your life as a Resource Owner or Owner of a Construction Company easier because we deliver! Our services extend from Design Basis Memorandum through to Commissioning and Start-up (Turnover).

We will provide the entire streamlined management team or work a joint venture with the Owner to create a composite team under FLCI direction, which reports to the Project Sponsor. 

Our management philosophy differs from industry’s micro-management and multiple revenue stream approach.  We focus on surpassing expectations and delivering for the lowest cost.  Our methodology allows us to execute for the best results. 

We live; Accountability, Empowerment, Responsibility, Honest Communication and Trust; creating a great relationship, best returns and least impacts for the Client. 

Changing our approach to the project, gives our clients a 20-30% savings from historical AFE budgets in addition to returns on investment.  Changing our perception of projects and execution is our method of achieving greater results.

We manage your financial resources and project as if we funded it.  

Risk Management - Negating Fear

Risk management is not a simple process nor should it focus “only” on the big risks.  Risk analysis and mitigation must encompass all risks based on an critical threshold basis.  FLCI applies a extensive approach to identify all risks and rank them, in addition to analyzing the outcomes of the mitigated actions. 

Only when all risks have been mitigated is the project positioned to create intelligent execution and cost control strategies in harmony with contracts, procurement, and estimates.

Health and Safety Management

We do not believe in accidents.  We believe that all incidents are preventable through the examination of tasks and scope, understanding of work tasks, the risks associated and ensuring the appropriate controls is in-place.

FLCI expects all personnel to be actively engaged in safe efficient operations starting at the top with the Leadership.  We believe and actively practice leading by example, meaning our project management personnel embrace and exemplify our safety culture and standards while leading by example with positive actions.  They are proactive and engaging while holding everyone accountable at the appropriate level.  Project’s need to think proactively when executing work and understand the repercussions of current actions on future tasks and operations.   We recognize safe work well executed while correcting those people, companies and situations, which are not.

We expect safety personnel to perform the following duties and functions on any project.  1) Understand the project’s goals 2) Understand all the specific tasks, risks and controls 3) Educate and mentor 4) Proactively work with project personnel 5) Positively Reinforcement 6) Monitor and report success 7) Ensure personnel understand their liabilities pursuant to legislation 8) Investigate incidents.

Proper safety standards, policies and procedures are critical to any construction project.  Our goal with our services is to help your company complete the project on time with no lost-time incidents and other Key Performance Indicators below industry norms.

Our Health, Safety and Environmental program is compliant with and approved by Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA).  These policies and program meet the requirements of the governing authorities of the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Construction Management

At FLCI, we believe that construction management must be the thoughtful and efficient execution of the project’s philosophy, policies and plans, which encompass all the elements of project management practices. 

Secondly, construction management does not mean we do what everybody else does.  We strive to understand all components from different perspectives, which generate additional positive opportunities.  Because of our analytical mindset, we create contingencies and solutions as identified through risk management to correct and mitigate issues not consistent with the project well in advance of the issue arising.

Lastly, FLCI is prepared to provide construction management services for any type of project based on our corporate experience or create a joint venture with the client utilizing key and correct personnel from both companies. 

Project Estimates

We do not believe that any project built in Alberta and elsewhere have been too large to estimate lump sum.

 Secondly, our estimates are based on real experience in real world conditions.  What you will not find in our estimates are multiple layers of hidden and visible contingency factors.  Our estimates reflect our well considered execution strategies, contracts, environmental factors and client parameters. 

The detailed estimates are used for creating the detailed project schedule.  Since our estimates are based on the harmonization of other project management disciplines, we do not experience the same project budget disasters experienced within the industry.

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Schedule Management

Schedule management is fulfilled only after the schedule has been created based on the project’s parameters, execution strategy, risk management, cost management and contract management.

FLCI does not believe in the continuous process of re-baselining a schedule.  To do so means, a great many people have failed to do their jobs and be accountable. 

We solve issues before they have become a problem with the necessary controls, which generates options and solutions for maintaining the project’s end date

Quality Management

Quality management is an all-encompassing scope that measures three key areas. These being a) what we do; b) the engineered design; and c) the product 

Thereby, ensuring the client gets the product and project they contracted for using all the latest applicable ANSI, ASME, ASTM, NFP codes, industry best practices, environmental codes and standards in addition to being in harmony with the Client's quality policy, procedures and standards.

Cost Management

Notes and Calendar

Cost management in its own right is a relatively simple process.  When it goes awry, it is because there is disharmony and dysfunction between the other major components of project management i.e. changing execution strategies, ineffective risk management, poorly written contracts and engineering changes for example.  

FLCI believes in a comprehensive and detailed approach to cost management by ensuring all components of the project are working harmoniously together after we have fulfilled our duties and responsibilities.

We manage your financial resources and project as if we funded it.

Consulting Services

Some clients may have their own project management staff or hired a third party company (EPCM) to manage the project.  For companies whose project have run into issues, we offer short-term focussed solutions to get the project back on schedule and budget. 

Our professionals review your project goals, project execution plan, risk analysis and determine where your project is in the process.  Then we get into the weeds and look at the details to create solutions. 

Taking advantage of our consulting services means; you’ll use less time, fewer resources and be less stressed to generate better returns.  You get the guidance you need to complete your project in the most efficient way possible.

We will provide the following services to existing projects:

  • Vendor Package Gap Analysis
  • Project Efficiency Analysis
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Transcend Impact Analysis of Projects
  • Transcend Portfolio Analysis
  • Plus Corporate Experience